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15 Steps to Financial Success for Dreamers, by Entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodriguez

An interview on Business Deccan of Entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodriguez.

A portrait of Photographer and Entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodriguez for Business Deccan Magazine

Many of us dream of one day being our own boss, and of having a job that we love and that doesn’t feel like a chore. We watch and read about wealthy individuals that travel the world, spending money, eating well, and living their lives like royalty, and wish that we could live a similar life. In an era where lots of so-called “social media influencers” have become famous for faking a fancy lifestyle, there are still many that have and continue to successfully achieve a comfortable life doing what they love. Some feel that riches only come to those born lucky, and others strive hard in their path to succeed.

The Puerto Rican born, South Florida based renowned photographer / visual artist turned entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodriguez, has guided many of these dreamers on the successful road to solopreneurship. While not a promoter of the luxurious and famed way of life, he has inspired many with his “high school dropout, to successful entrepreneur” story.

Rey Rey Rodriguez is the founder and CEO of The Mind of Rey Rey ®, a multimedia, branding, and creative marketing company based out of South Florida, that has helped small and major businesses, celebrities, politicians, musicians, athletes, and many other types of public figures grow their brand. Rodriguez states, that regardless of the field of work, the most commonly asked questions he receives are:

  • How can I be my own boss?

  • How can I succeed on my own?

  • How can I make money from my passion?

“When I’m asked these questions, my advice always remains the same. I share with them the fifteen-step plan that I use for myself, and that I share with my clients,” says Rodriguez.

The 15 Steps to Financial Success:

  1. Find a job! You need to pay your bills.

  2. Find what you love to do, and begin doing it as a hobby.

  3. Continue to improve your skills through practice and accumulation of knowledge.

  4. Create a plan of how money can be made through this hobby.

  5. Write down your goal of achieving this, and look at it everyday.

  6. Attack the plan! Stay focused! Never quit!

  7. Avoid time wasting, non-productive distractions and activities.

  8. Avoid negative people that may drain your energy and bring you down.

  9. Keep up with the latest news, advancements, and trends within that field.

  10. Find mentors along the way that can help guide you to success.

  11. As you begin to earn income, create a plan that would allow you to make this your full-time Job.

  12. Turn your full-time job into a business, by hiring employees to do most of the work while you supervise.

  13. As the business grows, hire supervisors to manage and train your employees.

  14. Expand, by looking for new streams of income within related fields.

  15. Repeat all of these steps for every new business venture.

Rodriguez states, “I wish everyone good luck on their personal journey to greatness. Never stop dreaming!”

You can follow Rey Rey Rodriguez on Social Media: @themindofreyrey, and visit his official website:


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