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The Huffington Post: Inside The Mind of Rey Rey: MMA Photog and Tour Guide to the Darkside

An article of photographer Rey Rey Rodriguez on Huffington Post Magazine.

A photo of visual artist and content creator Rey Rey Rodriguez for Huffington Post Magazine

The Huffington Post's writer & Entertainment Impresario Uncle Louie speaks on MMA & Dark Photography Photographer Rey Rey Rodriguez / The Mind of Rey Rey

Enter the Mind of Rey Rey...

The absence of light. The brightness of complete darkness. Emotions that transcend physical or spiritual being. The ability to pause life; to breathe empathy through a lens, to rewind or fast forward the ticking hands of a clock. He possesses an innate skill to do what cannot be taught. He opens his mind’s door and invites you in, the shutter of his Nikon D800 does not let you out. The good, the bad, the sweat, the blood, it all comes together, blending into your soul... From your eye...To your brain...To your heart... Evoking a reaction that is burned into your memory banks. His only limitation is the capacity of his camera’s 128 GB memory card. The Mind of Rey Rey is limitless. He is a photographer by trade, but a magician at heart; magically taking you on a journey through time, stopping at Mixed Martial Arts events where he controls some of the UFC’s toughest characters, in the octagon. The Mind of Rey Rey wanders; it finds it’s way into bedrooms where the unspeakable has a voice and speaks without saying even a word. Meandering through dark places, his mind’s eye rarely blinks, for if it did, it may miss the beauty it finds in some of life’s darkest places. Take a trip and escape into The Mind of Rey Rey via his website or visit his social media sites: Twitter Instagram Facebook Tumblr

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