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Loaded Magazine: The Wicked Beauty Within The Dark Side Of Rey Rey

A featured article of Rey Rey Rodriguez on UK's Loaded Magazine.

South Florida Photography Legend Rey Rey Rodriguez get featured in UK's Loaded Magazine

It has been said that stars can’t shine without darkness. Master Photographer, Rey Paul Rodriguez (aka Rey Rey Rodriguez), has shone in his own darkness while building up a reputation as an artist of diversity and mystery.

It’s a reputation that has been built on excellence in all the fields he has lent his talent to – from cinematography and acting, to poetry and dark art. His passion for creating original and embellished masterpieces has motivated him to produce a number of standout pieces that have captivated audiences worldwide. It’s also a gift that you can clearly see in his glorious shots and depictions of the celebrities, fighters, models and other talents he has worked with – as seen in the unorthodox art he has created.

Nowadays, the Puerto Rican born, South Florida based, renowned visual artist, and founder of The Mind Of Rey Rey ®, is making his presence felt in the art world to all with a fascination for the Morbid. Darkness permeates much of his work – constantly creating drama and generating even more interest in what is considered to be taboo to some, inappropriate to others, a hidden fetish to many, and iconic to most – as seen by his colossal countercultural following. As a master of expressing pain, fear, and sin of all types in his works, it’s no surprise that Rey Rey has been able to make the impact he has in this avant-garde scene.

You might have come across his work before, especially if you’re a lover of dark art. His vast catalogue has been featured in the pages of numerous publications, and has awed many. You can view much of his work – a stunning collection of rich photography, mind-bending art pieces, and entertaining videos on his popular website –

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