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A Company and Brand from Renowned Visual Artist and Photographer Rey Rey Rodriguez.  South Florida Photography, Videography, Web Design, Graphic Design and Visual Art.

Nuevo Culture: Introducing Photog Rey Rey Rodriguez

November 23, 2017


Nuevo Culture features The Mind of Rey Rey's Founder Rey Rey Rodriguez as he begins working with music artists.


“With this site I have planted my seed, you’re now infected with my artistic disease.”~Rey Rey Rodriguez


Rey Rey Rodriguez is a photographer, visual artist, poet, and the founder of multimedia brand, The Mind of Rey Rey®. While his fine-art, dark, and erotic photography is well known throughout the South, his combat sports photography shines internationally as many of the top UFC, mixed martial arts, and jiu-jitsu celebrities and legends pose for him and grace his images.


Born Rey Paul Rodriguez on March 13, 1978, in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, and raised in South Florida, his passion for photography started at age 16, but he wouldn’t begin shooting professionally till the age of 32. Today, Rey Rey stands in a category of his own, and after photographing Latin Grammy Award-winning music superstar Elvis Crespo, he set his sights on the music world. He is currently working on a private project with one of the biggest rap stars from Miami, which will be released in early 2018.


When asked what his ultimate goal was within the music industry he responded, “I’ve always used music to get me into my zone, before the start of a project, so it was only a matter of time before I began working along side the masters of music. But to answer your question, my ultimate goal is to be the 50 Cent of the visual art world in all genres.”


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