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The Hype Magazine Presents: Photographer and Poet, Rey Rey Rodriguez

A featured article of poet and photographer Rey Rey Rodriguez on The Hype Magazine.

A photograph of poet and fetish photographer Rey Rey Rodriguez for The Hype Magazine

The Hype Magazine's Jae Monique interviews, The founder of The Mind of Rey Rey®, Photographer, and Poet, Rey Rey Rodriguez

In the world of Art, where millions of starving artists spend a lifetime struggling to achieve greatness, and where less than 1% of them reach that goal, something unique is needed to stand out amongst the rest. There needs to be something magical within that creator’s artwork for his name to rise, stay on top, and to live on long after he’s gone. Today, we present to you one of these rising artists.

Straight from the Sunshine State, sunny South Florida, we sat down and had a chat with the up-and-coming photographer and poet Rey Rey Rodriguez.

How did you get the nickname Rey Rey?

Rey Rey Rodriguez: In Puerto Rico you’re given both, your father’s last name and mother’s maiden name. Both of my parent’s families had the last name Rodriguez, so my birth name was Rey Paul Rodriguez Rodriguez. A friend of mine created, “Rey Rey” by doubling up my first name to match my last names. When he passed away, the nickname stuck.

What got you started in photography?

Rey Rey Rodriguez: In high school, someone handed me an old film camera to take a group photo. Placing everyone in the perfect position within that little square, finding the right angle, and then pressing that button to forever capture that moment, felt like learning a new language. I had audio dyslexia when I was young, so I trained myself to create visual interpretations of all the information I took in, my ADHD fueled my imagination during times of inactivity or boredom, and my OCD made me want to do everything perfectly. Through photography those flaws became strengths. Visual Art instantly became a passion, which would later become a career.

What got you started in poetry?

Rey Rey Rodriguez: Inspired by hip-hop, I’ve written what I thought were lyrics since I was a kid. I’d say Dr. Seuss made me realize that I enjoyed every form of story telling that rhymed, but I didn’t think poetry was cool until after reading Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.” Poe’s work inspired me to use poetry as an outlet, and allowed me to release my demons on paper. From then on, I never stopped writing.

What type of work do you specialize in?

Rey Rey Rodriguez: I shoot all forms of photography: celebrity, combat sports, street, fetish, dark, surreal, and more. My poetry ranges from biographical, dark, fiction, erotic, and spiritual. My multimedia brand, The Mind of Rey Rey®, specializes in and provides services in photojournalism, photography, videography, graphic design, web design, web maintenance, and fine-art sales.

How would you describe your style?

Rey Rey Rodriguez: My images are experienced as visual poetry, and my poems are visualized as literary imagery. I guess I’d describe my style as, “a visual and literary experience for all.”

Take a look at “Dark Desires”, a poem written by Rey Rey Rodriguez below:

“Dark Desires” a Rey Rey Rodriguez poem

In the world of Fetishes and S&M, dominance and submissiveness are games,

Played while exploring both pleasure and pain, making them one and the same.

It begins with the attempt of making your wet dreams a reality,

By breaking free of the traditional conservativeness taught by society.

And understanding that it’s okay to shy away from our normal routine,

Because we all have hidden desires that we haven’t experienced or seen.

All of the little details that your imaginations’ eye candy entails,

Are things that your flesh will continue to crave until you prevail.

It takes an open-mind to open Pandora’s Box, to see what lust it holds,

Like the sting from a rubber whip, and the darkness from a blindfold.

The sounds of the screams, cries, and moans from torturous pleasing,

From spanking, smacking, slapping, hair pulling, grabbing and squeezing.

Scratches, knee scrapes, handprints, hickeys, and bruises from bites,

The look of a beaten woman with a smile, an obvious sign of a good night.

The piercings, tattoos, and choker, worn on the pigtailed girl on her knees,

The erotic uniforms, costumes, and toys, that never fails to please.

The vibrating tongue ring used with force to stimulate the clit,

While being held down with leather restraints, till the climax hits.

The bad girls’ wickedness, the good girls’ playful innocence,

The officer that puts you in cuffs before committing your sexual offense.

The black outfit made of latex, with a zipper covering the mouth on the mask,

The Roman emperor that lets you live as long as you do what he asks.

The doctor, nurse, or paramedic, whose tools are used for penetration,

The muscular female wrestler that steps on you and specializes in humiliation.

The morbid Goth-girl, the nun that sins, the thug that looks tough,

The feeling of being caressed while receiving or giving it rough.

The prostitute that listens to her pimp, the stripper that does it all for a dollar,

The naked woman crawling that likes to be pulled by her dog collar.

The firefighter with a big hose, the widow with the short black gown,

The boxer that stares you down and says he’s ready to pound.

The high heels, corsets, and fishnet stockings on the French maid,

The crotchless panties that are worn when you’re the master and she’s the slave.

The perverted conversations, and all the obscene language used,

The ability to seduce someone while inflicting painful but sensual abuse.

Enter the world of darkness and make your fantasies exist,

Allow your body to indulge in all of the sexual bliss that it insists.

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