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Influencive - Content Creator Rey Rey Rodriguez Releases His First Dark Soundtrack “Bliss”

An article on Influencive Magazine on The Mind of Rey Rey founder and Photographer Rey Rey Rodriguez

Rey Rey Rodriguez’s audio track “Bliss” is now live on all music streaming platforms.

Visual artist and content creator Rey Rey Rodriguez has finally released the first of 20 tracks from his new long-awaited dark ambient sounds album titled “Bliss.” The audio track, also named “Bliss,” was originally scheduled to be part of the score on the horror film “Blissful Torment,” which was set to start production in January of 2020.

Production was unfortunately halted due to the COVID lockdowns, and was set aside to begin once the pandemic restrictions were removed. With most locations in South Florida reopening and restrictions loosening, filming is set to once again begin in February of 2023. Rodriguez has stated that he will only release 3 tracks from the Bliss album prior to the release of he film. The rest he says, “Everyone will have to see on screen.”

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Visit Rey Rey Rodriguez’s company website, The Mind of Rey Rey®: His past work on movies and TV shows can be found on IMDb, and his social media accounts can be found here.


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