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Entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodriguez Shares Business Advice on becoming a Self-Made Success

A New News Ledger article on Entrepreneur and The Mind of Rey Rey founder Rey Rey Rodriguez

A portrait of entrepreneur and content creator Rey Rey Rodriguez Net News Ledger Magazine

Before the world knew the name Rey Rey Rodriguez, he had accrued over $90k in student debt, and over $40k in other debts. His attempt at financial security after dropping out of high school, and working multiple labor jobs and as a personal trainer was looking slim. After earning two associate’s degrees and a bachelor’s degree, he worked as a medical assistant, and as a paramedic for several years. Unfortunately, the combination of monthly bills and other monies owed continued to leave his pockets and bank accounts empty.

Fast-forward to today… Rey Rey Rodriguez is a successful entrepreneur in the fields of art, multimedia, and marketing. He managed to turn a hobby that he loves into a job, expanded that job into a career, and now helps others do the same. Through his company, The Mind of Rey Rey ®, he has managed to help small businesses, large corporations, non-profits, artists, athletes, public figures, and even celebrities grow and expand their brand by using similar steps to the ones he took to succeed.

In this interview, Rey Rey gives a short explanation of his journey to success:

“While working multiple jobs, I needed some outlets to de-stress. Working out, and creating art (a combination of photography, short films, and poetry) were the hobbies keeping me sane. Even though I was constantly mentally and physically drained, I made time for these outlets. The art I created helped me to find like-minded individuals, competitors, prospects for future collaborations, potential clients, and both haters and fans of my work. It also helped me connect with individuals within different fields of business that granted me access to locations, events, equipment, public figures, and finances that I may have never otherwise acquired. This opened many doors for me, inspired me to continue on this journey, and to attempt to make a career out of it. I quit my side jobs, which forced me to figure out ways of making income with the skills I had, and to figure out what new skills I needed to acquire. I spoke to many successful businessmen that enjoyed giving away their keys to success, I paid others to share their knowledge, listened to many audiobooks, took online courses, and the Google search engine became my best friend. I also continued to improve the artwork that I created, and continued to find new ways to display it to as many people as possible.

These steps lead to my notoriety as an artist, my mastery of marketing, and my ability to create multiple streams of income. Although the path is different for everyone, the concept is the same and can be taught to anyone. My company can help with the technical aspects of branding and marketing, but everyone is on a solo journey when it comes to figuring out what they love and are willing lose sweat, blood, and tears over. That’s the hardest part… the rest is just hard work and proper promotion.”


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