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Introducing Visual Artist and Entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodriguez, Founder of The Mind of Rey Rey ®

An introduction of Entrepreneur, Visual Artist, and the founder of The Mind of Rey Rey, Mr. Rey Rey Rodriguez on Calipost Magazine.

A portrait of entrepreneur and content creator Rey Rey Rodriguez Calipost Magazine

Entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodriguez started his career as a visual artist / content creator in 2006 when he began creating a combination of extreme sports, comedic, and horror photoshoots and short films as a hobby. He would then upload everything onto social media. In a short time, he amassed a massive following online, gaining over 100k followers on Facebook, and thousands of website visits weekly.

As the high demand for photoshoot requests poured in, Rey Rey decided to turn his passion and hobby into a business and The Mind of Rey Rey was born. The photography company, expanded into a multimedia and creative marketing business that helped people, brands, and businesses grow and gain their own online presence.

By 2016, Rey Rey Rodriguez’s photography, other artworks, and collaborations with public figures, celebrities, athletes, and major companies could be found everywhere worldwide, and his company was rising into a powerful force in the world of Internet marketing.

Today, Rey Rey remains sought after by many for his renowned commercial, fine art, street, dark, and combat sports photography and graphic art, his mastery of personal branding, and his unorthodox social media and digital marketing methods. He can be followed everywhere: @themindofreyrey, and his business The Mind of Rey Rey can be found on their website:


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