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Digital Journal: Missing Visual Artist & Celebrity Photographer Rey Rey Rodriguez Resurfaces

A Digital Journal press release article on celebrity photographer Rey Rey Rodriguez.

A photograph of content creator and entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodriguez for The Digital Journal Magazine

Mar 06, 2021 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- Reports of Rey Rey Rodriguez missing had been circulating for a while, with several news outlets speculating that the visual artist with a cult following had gone into hibernation, away from the public eye. However, it can officially be confirmed that the celebrity photographer and entrepreneur has finally come back into the spotlight as indicated by his most recent interview with Miami Wire.

Rey Rey Rodriguez is the Founder and CEO of the brand, The Mind of Rey Rey® which is a multimedia, creative and digital marketing company. The South Florida based visual artist has established a worldwide following with his mix of celebrity, avant-garde, combat sports, and dark photography. After over 13 years spent perfecting his craft, Rey’s works have appeared in numerous publications worldwide.

Following his unannounced disappearance from public media for more than 6 years, the visual artist reappeared with a completely new look, donning a long beard, dark shades and a hoodie. A photo comparison from his last and his recent interview can be seen below. During the interview, Rodriguez revealed how during this time off from the public eye, the entrepreneur had been focusing on strengthening the foothold of his brand while simultaneously helping struggling businesses succeed during COVID-19 with his company’s digital marketing services.

“We’ve been fortunate that while many businesses are hurting, ours has thrived throughout the pandemic,” mentioned Rodriguez during his recent interview. He further added, “Our clients continue to succeed, and we’ve been able to help others.”

According to the celebrity photographer, with the help of his company, several people that were stuck at home without work, trying to start a business or find a way to make money online, now have an income. “Our services were there to help them and businesses alike.”

Where Rey Rey Rodriguez’s intriguing career leads to next is only up to speculation. One thing is for certain, the renowned artist with a cult following is on a journey unlike many others as he continues to evolve through his work and through the influence he’s had on the world, whether through his art, his poetry, or his brand.

Stay tuned for more updates from Rey Rey's journey.

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