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Miami Wire: Visual Artist & Entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodriguez is Helping Others During the COVID-19

A featured article of Visual Artist Rey Rey Rodriguez on Miami Wire Magazine.

A photo of visual artist and entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodriguez for Miami Wire Magazine

South Florida based entrepreneur and visual artist Rey Rey Rodriguez is renown for the work he has created. His story… the dropout that became a paramedic, that retired to become an artist, a business owner, and an influencer is a tale that has been written about many times.

While many in the world of photography and film have been out of work due to the COVID-19, his multimedia company, The Mind of Rey Rey ® continues to shine and help others. How is this possible? Besides being one of the highest paid photographers in South Florida, Rey Rey is also a creative & digital marketing expert. For years his business has been offering other services that are tailor-made for these times.

“In 2013, I used my social media accounts as a way to connect with others, get feedback on my artwork, market myself, and as my portfolio. Now, I wanted a professional website that would showcase the work I had created throughout the years.

Over a dozen web designers with low quality website samples quoted me prices between $3k-$5k. So I began reading books and streaming as many videos as I could find on web designing. I managed to create a site, add my artistic touch, and finished with a product that was much more impressive than any of the sample sites I’d seen. After helping a couple of friends and artists build theirs, word of mouth spread and offers began coming in from many wanting to hire me as their web designer.

In December of 2014,The Mind of Rey Rey ® (which at the time was just a trademarked name for the logo / watermark I used on the artwork I displayed), became a web design / photography business. Two years, working at a pace of three websites per month, I had created over 70 websites for clients by myself and was ready to expand. I partnered with Wix®, and soon after what began as a small side business, quickly blossomed into a multimedia / marketing agency with clients throughout the United States, Canada, and the UK. Our services today include web design, maintenance, SEO, e-commerce, social media marketing, digital advertising, photography, video, sound and graphic design.

We’ve been fortunate that while many businesses are hurting, ours has thrived throughout the pandemic. Our clients continue to succeed, and we’ve been able to help others. Several people that were stuck at home without work, trying to start a business or find a way to make money online, now have an income. Our services were there to help them and businesses alike.

As we learned throughout this pandemic, with the technology of today, you no longer need a physical location or to invest as much money as you once did to start a business. You just need a good product or service, and for the world to know about it. With the right goal, plan, and guide, anyone can come out this pandemic better than they were before it.”

To learn more about Rey Rey Rodriguez and The Mind of Rey Rey ® visit his official website, and follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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