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Rey Rey Rodriguez: Business Visionary, The Crazy Content Creator and Entrepreneur

The Daily Scanner interviews Content Creator and Entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodriguez.

A portrait of content creator and entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodriguez The Daily Scanner Magazine

Rey Rey Rodriguez, the man that founded The Mind of Rey Rey®, has been called numerous things … picture taker, visual craftsman, business visionary, content maker, and a couple of other different names… however “normal” has never been one of them. Rey Rey is most popular for his creative style that harps on a more obscure side, which is enlivened by his background and past environmental elements. He effectively catches the quintessence of torment, brutality, and desire in his assortments of unorthodox portfolio photography, which is noticeable in his unmistakable works.

His assortment of artworks include genres such as battle sports, horror, nude modeling, and other questionable photoshoots that have caused his social media accounts in the past to be shut down, frozen, and flagged. They have even disciplined him in the past by removing his verification badges.

Facebook, Twitter, even good’ol MySpace has pardoned him, however Instagram and Pinterest appear to still hold resentment. One prohibited picture had a minister and a rabbi shooting zombies in a burial ground. Another photo, had a nun wearing stockings and high heels while straddling a crying priest. One of the last photographs banned had a monster rabbit breaking into Santa’s bedroom while he lied in bed with Mrs. Santa.

However unusual and puzzling as his assortment of manifestations seems to be, Rey Rey Rodriguez himself keeps a comparable persona. An article in GQ Magazine portrayed him as, “A mysterious art creator, known to work from behind the scenes, who disappears quietly for long periods of time, then emerges out of nowhere with dozens of completed projects, only to once again vanish from the public eye.” This antisocial craftsman personality doesn’t quite match his website’s motto, “With this site I have planted my seed, you’re now infected with my artistic disease.” Neither does it parallel with his marketing efforts, which produce a tremendous measure of attention.

One of his previous marketing campaigns hinted at the rumor of his death, while other campaigns around the equivalent time span referenced bits of gossip about new ventures on the ascent, which sparked curiosity and caused readers to do a more intensive search on Mr. Rey Rey Rodriguez.

Regardless of whether he’s crazy, or if everything he does and says to the media is all just part of a marketing tactic, Rey Rey Rodriguez has worked with numerous eminent individuals, music and sports legends, and other remarkable figures, and his dark and shocking-styled photography has acquired a monstrous underground and internet following.

You can visit Rey Rey Rodriguez at and Follow him everywhere at @themindofreyrey.


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