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Rey Rey Rodriguez, the Entrepreneur that helped Business Owners make 6-Figure Salaries During COVID

A Time Business News Article of Entrepreneur and The Mind of Rey Rey founder, Rey Rey Rodriguez.

A portrait of entrepreneur and content creator Rey Rey Rodriguez Times Business News Magazine

South Florida based business visionary and visual craftsman Rey Rey Rodriguez is regarded by many as a savior, a hero, and a model citizen for the contributions he has made to small businesses throughout the United States.

The former high school dropout, turned photographer and entrepreneur, has found ways to integrate his passions, artistic skills, and marketing knowledge to help others become successful during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While numerous individuals have been jobless during these hard times, his mixed media and marketing organization, The Mind of Rey Rey ®, has reversed the negative momentum into a positive for many, by offering tailor-made services for these occasions.

Rey Rey Rodriguez is one of the most generously compensated photographic artists in South Florida, and is likewise known as an imaginative and advanced “promotion machine.” He began his marketing journey by utilizing his social media accounts to exhibit his photography to large audiences consistently.

Using different methods to attract viewers through a combination of beautifully shot fine-art photography, sprinkled with some shock photography, targeted ads, keywords, hashtags, SEO, email marketing, guest blog appearances, and press, he managed to reach heights other photographers only dreamed of in a short amount of time.

The Mind of Rey Rey was founded in 2014. The company only offered photography, videography, and graphic art services at first, but later added influencer, creative and digital marketing services to their menu.

During the pandemic, many small businesses and large organizations alike have flourished thanks to Rey Rey implementing the same marketing skills he used for his rise to success, to help them.

According to Rey Rey, “With the right goal, plan, and guide, anyone can come out of this pandemic better than they were before it.”

Click here to read the article on New Business Times.

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