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London Journal: Rey Rey Rodriguez to Fashion Designers and Clothing Brands: “Bring Back Baggy Jeans”

London Journal Magazine interviews Content Creator and Photographer Rey Rey Rodriguez.

A portrait of photographer and content creator Rey Rey Rodriguez for London Journal Magazine
A photo of Rey Rey Rodriguez in Heathrow Airport, London, England, 2010.

We spoke to entrepreneur, photographer, and The Mind of Rey Rey founder, Rey Rey Rodriguez about fashion. While he admits that this isn’t his area of expertise, he did share with us his thoughts on the current skinny jeans trend, and the difficulty he has finding a good pair of jeans. Here’s what he had to say:

“In the 90’s and early 2000’s Hip Hop inspired jeans were hot. Brands like FUBU, Ecko, South Pole, Dickies, JNCO, Phat Farm, Edwin, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Pepe Jeans, Nautica, Polo Sport, Cross Colours, Wu-Wear, Rocawear, and Sean John were promoted everywhere, on billboards, magazines, TV, and were worn by artists, celebrities, musicians and everyone else that I admired and was influenced by. Baggy jeans were a big part of the fashion style of my youth. I didn’t wear shorts much, so I had pairs of jeans for everyday wear, work, going out and even beat up pairs for being lazy.

They slid right on and off, were comfortable, and looked badass with sneakers, Timberland boots, and even flip flops. My jean pockets were always nice and deep. I used to carry a cell phone, my wallet, a mini notepad with pens, a hand grip strengthener, a pack of gum, and I still had enough space to put my hands in my pockets. I admit, I probably wore them a couple sizes too big, but to me they were perfect. The zipper area hung low, allowing for easy piss action access. They were wide and comfortable from the waist to the ankles. A hot day wasn’t so bad because wind would blow up into them creating a cooling effect. They also helped un-proportioned (skinny legged, un-tanned, etc.) individuals to look better.

Today, the base of the crotch area on jeans is so high up that bending over creates a plumbers’ crack effect where a quarter of your ass is on display. No longer do zippers go down with ease without any worry of it catching skin and accidently re-circumcising yourself. These days, dicks need therapy from being in a confined space and feeling claustrophobic all day. Pockets are so tight that removing cellphones and wallets has become a chore. So much so, that fanny packs, book bags, sling bags and other forms of carrying accessories have become popular and necessary to some due to the lack of space in jeans. Even the “Loose” and “Wide” fit styles taper at the bottom, causing your ankles to show. So what you get is a pair of tight jeans that hang low on your ass, show your ankles and are uncomfortable. You could have easily gotten the same look by wearing baggy jeans four times smaller than your normal size.

Designers and brands… I beg you, stop suffocating our legs, and bring back baggy jeans!”


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