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Rey Rey Rodriguez, Vents Magazine’s 2022 Photographer of the Year Award Winner

An article on Vent's Magazine on Photographer and The Mind of Rey Rey founder Rey Rey Rodriguez

This year, our Photographer of the Year Award has been awarded to Master Photographer Rey Rey Rodriguez. The renowned visual artist, entrepreneur, and founder of The Mind of Rey Reyhas been featured in the past on Vents Magazine for his contributions as an artist, businessman, and as a philanthropist.

Rey Rey Rodriguez is based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, but spends much of his time traveling back and forth between New York, California, and London, England, where he has long photographed and worked with a variety of people, communities and companies that he has maintained a close working relationship with. “When I’m not in South Florida, my homes away from home are Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Central London. My camera and I get homesick staying away from any of those places for too long,” he says.

Rodriguez’s passion for photography began as a teenager, but it wasn’t until he picked up his first professional camera in his mid 20’s that his journey would begin. No one knew then that a decade and a half later, he’d be known as the go-to photographer in many circles, an underground king, and a marketing & branding expert for other public figures, celebrities, and businesses. Today, the name Rey Rey Rodriguez along with his work can be found everywhere worldwide.

You can follow Rey Rey Rodriguez on social media:

And on The Mind of Rey Rey ® Official Website:


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