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Art Daily Magazine - The Art & Photography Exhibition of Rey Rey Rodriguez to be Hosted in 2023

An article on Art Daily Magazine on Photographer and The Mind of Rey Rey founder Rey Rey Rodriguez

The 2022 Art and Photography Collection titled, “Enter My True Mind” from visual artist and photographer Rey Rey Rodriguez will have a new exhibition host in early to mid 2023. The South Florida based artist’s artwork was first scheduled to appear in New York City’s Metro Pictures art Gallery in April of 2022. Unfortunately, Metro Pictures made an official announcement on March 2021 that they’d be closing their doors permanently at the end of December 2021. Once Rodriguez’s team was notified of the announcement, the hunt for a new location began. “When the genre of the art collection to be displayed deals with dark, erotic, or taboo subject matters, your gallery options drop dramatically. Not everyone is willing to attach their names to controversial artwork or artists,” says Rodriguez.

When he’s not creating art, “The Mind of Rey Rey” founder, Rey Rey Rodriguez spends most of his time using his art, branding, and entrepreneurial knowledge to help his clients also become successful. He has stated in the past that only passion projects excite him these days, which must be the case for his latest creations. Rodriguez’s “Enter My True Mind” collection has expanded from its original fifteen art pieces, to thirty-three, and still growing. The artist stated, “The project started out as a small set of personal images and grew. When the set date was canceled, I slowed down and devoted more time to it. I’ll be releasing a total of fifty images, which tells a personal story from beginning to end. We are currently deciding between four different art galleries that have openings between the dates between August – October 2023. As soon as we make our final decision on a location and date, we’ll post it on my social media accounts (@themindofreyrey everywhere), and have all of the info on our website”


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