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The Mind of Rey Rey Rodriguez’s Horror Video Ad

A review on horror photographer and content creator Rey Rey Rodriguez ’s Horror Video ad.

A photo of visual artist and content creator Rey Rey Rodriguez for Medium Magazine

It’s only a thirty second AD, but it’s enough to feel the obscure and dark world inside The Mind of Rey Rey Rodriguez.

As a huge horror fan, and having watched lots of classic and modern films, TV series, read books and comics, played videogames, listened to obscure and heavy music and written a horror book myself, I can say that if you are looking for horror, you can just Google “Rey Rey Rodriguez.”

Half a minute was all that I needed to keep me wondering what else loomed inside his cool and twisted head. Not with a cheap jump scare, but with a short artistic piece that left an eerie feeling in me. I’m honestly not sure how horrified beyond measure I’d be watching a full film in this format.

Creating horror is not an easy task, but Rodriguez does it wonderfully. Every one of his photos and cinematic shots are captured using beautiful angles, have a creative story behind it, and are professionally edited and color corrected.

From one horror fan to another, you won’t be disappointed, unless you have a weak stomach. In the past, Rey Rey’s photography and videos have been removed and even banned on some platforms for it’s violent or graphic content and / or gore. But if horror is what you like, check out his social networks and website to see if he’s your gruesome cup of tea.

Watch the horror ad on Rey Rey Instagram here, or to watch it on World Star Hip Hop click here.


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