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Vents Magazine: Rey Rey Rodriguez, From Photography Hobbyist to Entrepreneur

An interview with Photographer Rey Rey Rodriguez for Vents Magazine.

Meet Rey Rey Rodriguez (born Rey Paul Rodriguez), a Puerto Rican born, South Florida based, American photographer, solopreneur / entrepreneur, marketing expert, and the CEO & founder of The Mind of Rey Rey ®, a multimedia and branding company headquartered in Plantation, Florida since 2014.

After dropping out of high school, at age 25 Rodriguez decided it was time to return to school. He received his GED and began his college and university studies. When he wasn’t studying, photography took up most of his time. Years later this hobby would pay off. While working as a paramedic, he managed to make a name for himself as an acclaimed visual artist, photographer and photojournalist in the South Florida art scene by getting involved in non-mainstream, circles such as outcasts, fighters, alternative lifestyle communities, private events, fraternities, piercing and body modification groups, and several other people that enjoyed a taboo lifestyle, gaining him a large underground following.

By 2014, the demand for his services forced him to create a photography business, which later became a multimedia company, and eventually grew into a creative and digital marketing agency. The exposure from his artwork helped to kick start his business through social media followers, word of mouth, and past clients that quickly signed up for the new services he offered.

Today Rey Rey Rodriguez’s company, The Mind of Rey Rey ® offers a full range of multimedia and marketing services such as photography, videography, graphic design, web design, SEO, digital / influencer marketing and more, to corporations, small businesses, artists, celebrities, athletes, public figures and many others worldwide.

Visit the official website of The Mind of Rey Rey ®:

And follow Rey Rey Rodriguez on social media:


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