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Visual Artist Rey Rey Rodriguez Sets His Sights On Meta’s Metaverse

Jukebox Mind Artists interviews Content Creator Rey Rey Rodriguez

The graphic art of South Florida entrepreneur and visual artist Rey Rey Rodriguez will soon enter the Metaverse.

With the recent announcement of the social media giant Facebook changing it’s name to Meta, came the announcement of the all-new Metaverse. It’s being hailed as the next big thing for the future of social media, and described as a virtual world where anyone can work, play, socialize, and share art. While it’s still in its’ beta stages, excited fans everywhere await its’ arrival and are all already planning out who they’ll become, what they’ll do, what they’ll create, and how they’ll profit in this land of VR. Meta has given access to a select group of artists and creators to have their work uploaded into the Metaverse, for users to see and interact with.

Although better known for his photography, Rey Rey Rodriguez’s contribution to this new platform will consist of a series of virtual graffiti art pieces. Rodriguez states, “My artwork will be displayed throughout the walls within the virtual world and will animate upon user interaction. I have always been a big fan of Facebook and it’s sister company Instagram. I have no doubt that the Metaverse will be one of the biggest advances in interactive technology. A virtual place, where anyone and everyone can meet and hang out with new people from all over the world, no matter where they are. It’s a huge honor for me to be a part of it in any way.”

Rey Rey Rodriguez is set to enter the Metaverse later this year.


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